To politicians.

Listen to WOinActie.


1. Invest 1.15 billion euros in sustainable knowledge.

2. Replace "output financing" with "input financing"

3. Democratize the Executive Boards.

Check the position paper here.

To the Executive Board.

1. Teachers are hired for a set amount of hours for a set amount of tasks. This model should be realistic and designed with teachers. 


2. Development of courses takes time. Increase the development time of courses, especially for new courses.

3. Learning new tasks takes time. State realistic, perennial learning periods for new appointments.


4. Ensure teachers can offload tasks if they’re overburdened. The current model aims at reducing overcapacity, which means everyone is maximally or even overburdened. This constitutes a high barrier for offloading tasks. Aim for overcapacity. 


5. Utrecht University does not spend the money it states in the university budget. Spend what you state you will spend.


6. Induce an environment in which faculties are encouraged to give staff permanent contracts, for example by not putting the burden of financial risks on the faculties or by increasing the fixed budget for faculties at the expense of the flexible budget.


7. Increasing student numbers? Increase the number of teaching hours in accordance with the percentual increase of students.


8. Board appointments should be primarily focused on education, not on finances.

To students.

Our education runs on the overtime hours of our teachers. This is the case because of a stagnation in government funding, while student numbers keep increasing. The quality of education is therefore receding: there are less teachers per student, bigger seminars, there is less supervision and our teachers are stressed. Since our education is suffering, your voice is very important. Together with our teachers within WOinActie, we are asking the government for fair funding of education.


What can you do? Read up on these issues. Talk with your fellow students, teachers and your director of education about them. Organise something: e-mail your Executive Board, join #10000uur or organise something within your program or university.

Reading tips (in Dutch): 

FNV: "Werkdruk op universiteit nog verder opgelopen"

WOinActie: de feiten

Remco Breuker: "De universiteit moet op de schop"

To our teachers.

Know that we see how hard you are working. We would love to join hands towards national politics and the Executive Board. Click here for WOinActie, and here to sign up for tour of the academics.

And: many students aren't aware of the issues in HE. Talk about it, with us too!